I believe in an approach to health that recognizes the body’s powerful potential to heal itself. And I believe that in finding your own balance, you make yourself whole.

Let's get real about your monthly cycle, hormones and menopause.

Hormones quite literally determine the quality of our lives. The delicate balance between hormones, your thoughts and your environment determine your vitality and heath leading up to menopause and beyond.

Get them in balance and you will look, feel and age with style and grace.


But you are in tune with your body right? Sort of?

You know when your period should arrive.


You think you eat well, but know you could do better with some accountability or inspiration. You exercise a lot 4-5 times a week because it feels good, or maybe you exercise occasionally when you feel like it but nothing regular.

Meditation--yeah I know I should, but not sure how or when to find the time.

You use BPA free plastic, isn't that enough?

The truth is the internet is consumed with information and although it is a resource, it is by no means an answer to your symptoms, your issues or all of your questions.

Essential Hormone Health Package 

Comprehensive 12 week Coaching Package

My ESSENTIALHORMONE Program is for YOU if you:

  • Are carrying extra weight around your waist
  • Feel a significant loss of stamina--especially in the afternoon.
  • Have difficulty staying asleep or have night sweats.
  • Struggle with headaches, heavy or debilitating periods.
  • Are plagued by skin issues like eczema, red flushing on your face, acne or skin tags.
  • Have thinning hair or hair where it isn't meant to grow naturally.
  • Feel wired yet tired, anxious or nervous...and often can't pinpoint why.


My ESSENTIALHORMONE Program is 12 weeks because it took years for you to get here, and it often takes a few months to feel and create real change.

Understand that working with me is like having a nutritionist, a guru and a coach/professor all wrapped in one person. I meld both eastern and western science/philosophy together. Just as there is no one diet that serves the masses, there is no one protocol that will work for the masses. Working 1:1 means individual attention, fine-tuned guidance designed just for you, and a practical approach that fits your modern lifestyle.


In my program you will acquire from me:

A DIET that serves YOU :: Build a solid nutritional foundation and drop the extra weight you're carrying.

All the DETOX information you need for your home :: Cleanse your home environment to help rid major environmental toxins and balance your hormones naturally.

A MOVEMENT plan for you and your life :: Get to know the power of the Mind/Body connection through exercise, meditation and understanding the stages and how to grow from menopause.


program includes:

  • Initial 90 minute comprehensive health and hormone assessment to create your individual plan.
  • 12 weekly 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions (in person or via Skype).
  • Email support throughout the entire 12 week process.
  • Steadfast support from a woman who has been there.
  • 1 hour per week of real time text support tot have your questions answered directly.
  • 4 weeks of 'tailored to you' meal planning/shopping lists that support your unique constitution.
  • Each program is unique to the woman, but an example program includes:

Part 1 Diet:

Week 1

Navigate conflicting dietary theories to find what works for you specifically food sensitivities and gut balance.

Maintain a 7-day food/mood journal to identify what you eat with how you feel--hormone balance=feeling good.

Week 2

Understanding the ratio of Protein, Carbs and Fat.

Why fat (both animal and plant)is not the enemy--its essential for hormone health.

Digestion 101: why if you aren't eliminating properly hormones are not being disposed of properly.

Week 3 

Hydration and its crucial role in detoxing hormones from our organs and system. 

Sleep and its critical role in diet and hormone heath.

Week 4

Brain health and how if your digestion is strong your brain will be powerful.

Learn how to nourish both your brain and your digestive tract.


Part 2 DETOX

Toxins within the home reek havoc on your inner detoxification process and by understanding the major toxins in our homes you will naturally maintain balanced hormones. Seeing as we are exposed to hundreds of environmental toxins we cannot control, in learning what you can do at home to minimize your toxic load is key especially for fertility and those with children.

Week 5

Home Environment

Computers including wifi, air quality and furniture

Learn what you need, how to purchase and safe practices in the home to minimize toxins and enhance natural detoxifiers.

Week 6

Kitchen environment

Food storage, cookware, filters, and cleaning supplies for meal planning/batch cooking.

Remember that part about a practical approach that fits a modern lifestyle.

Week 7 

Bathroom environment

Personal care including makeup and how to choose products that will not disrupt your hormones AND be effective.

Week 8

Bedroom environment

Examine all aspects involving sleep and sleep habits. Understand the viscous cycle between the lack of sleep, food and cravings.


Part 3 Movement

How you move in and around your daily life--with yourself, your body and your relationship.

In this part we will go inward and dive deep--to reimagine this phase of your life on YOUR terms.

Week 9

Examining PMS symptoms, perimenopause, and menopause--that time where hormones will hit you over the head with what you need to now and deal with!

Week 10

Creating and maintaining a self care ritual.

What habits have you inherited or created through your lifetime and what are their effects.

Week 11

Examine and discuss meditation and exercise, how each is essential and how this practice will help your body and our hormones as you enter menopause.

Understanding the female cycle, how much and the types of exercise for your constitution.

Techniques and tools for meditation in a modern lifestyle.

Week 12

Celebrating all that you have accomplished through this journey. Looking ahead and planning your future.


This program is an investment in your health, your vitality and your longevity. 


Book a free  Discovery Session  for details and to see if working together is a good fit.






Square One: Blueprint Single Session 


My 90 minute Square One: Blueprint single session is perfect if you are looking to get your feet wet first.


Inflammation in the body triggers unusual symptoms and they generally originate in the gut (where hormonal imbalances speak loudly).


Do you wish you had more energy and less fatigue mid-day?

Do you find your skin is looking dull or breaking out?

Are you finding you are more fleshy than you used to be, especially around the middle?


This Blueprint Session is designed to reset the switches in your body that are not serving your health. Food is the foundation to a body we love, a mind that is clear, and a life with purpose. 


I want to work with you 1:1, helping you understand some of the conflicting dietary information available. I will provide you with a 5-day reset meal plan for your constitution. This will help your body begin to feel less bloated, more clear headed, and better rested. 


Included in the 90 minute Blueprint:

  • Assessment of your existing diet and recommended tweaks to reduce inflammation.
  • 5-day reset meal plan (including complete shopping list and nutritional information) to reboot your body back to square one, so you can feel like yourself again.
  • Health Snack Swap handout to inspire you to stay on track during the day.

The cost of this single session is $250.


Schedule your Blueprint Session HERE.



Michelle expertly supported my in a kind and matter of fact way that made fasting simple.In 2 weeks I managed to significantly reduce my inflammation, find more mental clarity, ditch wheat, see great progress with my gut imbalances, and lose 7 lbs.

Stephanie W.


Working with Michelle has been life-changing.  We started working together to transform my eating habits. Not only is she patient, warm and energetic her recipes are amazing. I look forward to every delicious meal and even better than the taste I know that I am nourishing myself and my family with what we need for optimum health.

Jennifer P.


Michelle’s insights into my current relationship with food and my hopes to find healthier eating patterns were impressive. She is a thoughtful listener
who offers practical solutions to an individual’s concerns. Michelle is on her client’s side.

Bonnie S.



Feeling wonderful doesn’t have to be hard.

Connect with me for a free 30 minute consultation.