Health Advisor

You have landed here because your body isn't working like it did in your early 20's and 30's, your menstrual cycle and symptoms are ruling your life and quite possibly you are not getting the answers you feel are right for your body from the doctor.

You know that something isn't quite right. 


I am Michelle Aspinwall, and I am a Hormonal Health Advisor.


Think of me as a mentor who empowers you to understand that your period is a mirror into your life. When your cycle is unbalanced it is pointing to your life and some imbalance that has not yet been addressed. Like any advisor, I will listen carefully and we'll navigate the world of contradictory nutrition and health advice together to explore what truly works for your symptoms. 


And by symptoms I mean:

  • periods longer than 5-7 days
  • debilitating PMS that brings your life to a halt
  • fertility issues
  • weight gain particularly around your middle or bloating
  • unable to sleep 7 hours without waking up
  • thinning hair or unwanted hair
  • food intolerances or digestive issues
  • skin issues like rosacea, acne or eczema

I believe in an approach to health that recognizes the body's powerful potential to heal itself when given the chance.


As women we have roughly 450 menstrual cycles or roughly 450 opportunities to evaluate the delicate balance that directly affects her health. And I believe that in finding your own balance, you make yourself whole.


It's time to get to the root cause of these symptoms. We live in a time of abundance and yet we are nutrient-starved while being fully fed.






What I do

I start by recognizing that what works for one person may not work for another — each person has specific hormonal fluctuations. So I help women identify their hormonal shifts and what they want most to resolve. Together we map out ways to achieve balance, and we set priorities. Then I provide a lot of support: I recommend doctors or provide materials like books, articles, videos, and sources for groceries and supplies. I help clients relate various dimensions of their lives, including stress, exercise, breathing, focus and purpose. 

This is personalized care.



My Approach

When we’re out of balance in life, it shows itself with hints, whispers, maybe a poke or a nudge. Before long, this leads to a feeling, which eventually turns into a pain. The body adapts to the pain much faster than the mind acknowledges the pain. And by the time we recognize the pain, the body has been enduring something for too long. There is a dialogue that must happen within. Listening to this dialogue is central to the meaning in our lives, and it only happens if one listens intently and with purpose.

As a health advisor I can help this dialogue begin. I ask the kinds of questions that will provoke self-reflection and connect the elements that you might have thought were merely coincidental. I will encourage you, one step at a time



Feeling Your best doesn’t have to be Dull or boring.

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During this session, you will discuss your health and lifestyle to determine how I can best support you in achieving your goals.